67th District Level U – 17 Boys & Girls Skating Tournament

67th District Level U -17 Boys & Girls Skating Tournament organised by District High Que International Public School Malakheda Alwar from 3/10/23 to 7/10/23
Individual boys and girls event
1.Atharva yadav 10-D 500m Silver 🥈medal , 1000m silver 🥈 medal
2. Sneha Suri 10-C 1000m silver 🥈 medal
3.kanishka Lohiya 8-A 500m silver 🥈 medal, 1000m silver 🥈 medal
4.harshita Chaudhary 8-C 500m silver 🥈 medal, 3000m silver 🥈 medal
5.yatin Meena 6-B 500m gold 🥇 medal, 1000m gold 🥇 medal
6.Nakshatra Chauhan 6-B 3000 gold 🏅 medal, 1000m bronze 🥉 medal
7. Khiyan Sethi 6-C 1000m silver 🥈 medal

Overall boys championship goes to Alwar public school
State selection
1.Atharva yadav
2.kanishka Lohiya
3.Harshita Chaudhary
4.yatin Meena
5. Nakshatra Chauhan