Best Practices


The Co-Curricular activities take place in a relaxing environment to promote the self confidence, self-esteem, creativity & holistic development of our little ones. They are as follows :-


As the saying goes “Music is the soul of life”, we begin the day with a musical morning assembly with a prayer and chanting of shlokas, further followed by yoga and exercises. Music & dance are regular feature of this block.


To instill speaking skills and confidence in the young ones, Hindi & English recitation, young narrators’ day, what I want to be, when I grow up, show & tell, compering opportunities students, inter school online competitions, English and Hindi skits, Graduation Ceremony are conducted on a regular basis.


Art & craft activities are an important part in the child’s overall development. They enhance their creativity. Children are taught different concepts by engaging in various activities. Such activities also boost observation skills of the little ones and allow them grasp various concepts quickly and with ease. It is a great source of bringing real learning opportunities to the young ones.


To highlight the importance of colours and their vibrance in life, a vivid variety of red, yellow, orange , green, blue colour etc. are added to their day to day activities such as watermelon day (Red ), aqua fun day (Blue), chess day (Black & White), Tangy day (Orange), Mango Day (Yellow), Earth Day (Green), etc.


Auspicious occasions like School’s Founders’ Day, Mother’s Day, Grandparents’ Day are celebrated to express the feeling of love and respect.


Independence Day, Republic Day, Martyrs’ Day & Gandhi Jayanti- Occasions of oneness and togetherness are celebrated to keep up the spirit of patriotism with fervor and zest.


To kindle the air of festivity in children, festivals like Janamashtami, Rakshabandhan, Dussehra, Diwali, Holi, Gurupurab, Id, Basant Panchami & Christmas are celebrated the whole year round with great fan fare.


Children have an innate love for stories. Stories are a great way to teach children about life, ourselves and others. Different stories are dramatized by teachers as well as students.Parents/Grandparents are invited to narrate stories to children.


Fun activities help build thinking skills in young minds; they also make learning effective. Children are taken out for nature walks where they observe & explore the world around them through their senses. It stimulates curiosity and instills love for learning.


Picnics/ exposure trips to a railway station, Gurudwara, farm house, etc. are an important part of the learning process in our school. This is the time when our adorable darlings go out and explore. It develops peer group bonding and picnics are always a great way to spend quality time creating lasting memories of togetherness.


To beat the heat, walking in the rain/ rain dance is an exciting and enthralling activity for children. Dressed in swimming costumes, our loved ones dance and sing in the rain under the blue sky with their friends and teachers making the most of the delightful experience.


The Pre-Primary Annual KG Show is perhaps the show which is most eagerly awaited. Every year it is celebrated with enthusiasm and vigor. Each child is unique. To bring out their best, all the students of the Pre-Primary Block are brought together on the stage to perform. Stage performance helps the students to remove stage fear and brings confidence in them. The teachers as well as students unite together and do rigorous practice before setting the stage on fire.


Children are fascinated by water and when they are given an opportunity to splish splash in their own pool, under the supervision of a trained teacher/coach, their joy and exuberance is just boundless. Keeping this in mind, APS has provided them with a ‘splashing zone’ surrounded by a cycling track.


The Personality Development Lab at APS ensures that our students are well groomed. They are taken to the PD Lab regularly where they are taught conversational skills, table etiquettes and techniques to build confidence.



School sport is an opportunity for children to enjoy and get benefit from participation in school sports to enable them to develop their mental and physical health.

We encourage our children to participate in different outdoor and indoor activities such as

Adventure camps
Basketball Drill
Yoga and Meditation
Hurdle Races
Baton race
Ball Games, Disks and Rings
Carrom, Snakes & Ladders, Ludo & Chess

These provide a safe, healthy, friendly and competitive environment which encourages personal fitness, game skills, large and fine muscle development and confidence in children.


Proper nutrition in childhood can reinforce lifelong eating habits that contribute to the overall well-being of the child, help him to grow to full potential and lead a healthy life. We at APS, focus on regular balanced eating habits through ‘OUR SCHOOL MENU’ keeping in mind the physical and mental development of our students. Students have their lunch under the supervision of teachers. We believe in “HEALTHY CHILD, HAPPY CHILD.

To improve food habits, a simple workable five days menu with various options has been planned for the child:

Stuffed parantha/ Parantha with Green vegetable/Chole-bhature/ sprouts and a Fruit of your choice.
Vegetable pulao/ Idli/ Uttapam/ Vermicelli and a Fruit.
Aloo puri / Paneer chila/ Poha with Laddu and a Fruit of your choice.
Veg. Sandwich/ Veg. Whole wheat pasta(Macroni)/Veg. Cutlets/ Bread rolls and a Fruit of your choice.
Food and a Fruit of your own choice.

Make them eat at least five nuts everyday.
Give them fresh fruit. Fruits are much better than juices. Include buttermilk (chhach) in your child’s menu.


At APS, Pre-Primary children are engaged in several activities which help them channelize their energy effectively. These activities are an integral part of the curriculum and help enhance classroom learning. They further help in moulding a multifaceted personality of the child. A monthly planner is given to the parents at the beginning of the academic year.


We at APS understand that children have their individual preferences when it comes to reading. To ensure that, a separate library “Masti Ki Pathshala” is enriched with collection of books for children. They get to read what they like. The kindergarten library is enriched with collection of indoor games , keeping in mind the students’ age. Each year new books are added to the collection.


‘MASTI KI PATHSHALA’– The activity center is a special world for the children where they channelize their pent up energy and creativity. Little corners like- transport, free play, ball pool etc are attractions that cannot keep the children away. Individual games like Carrom, ludo, snakes and ladders etc and group games are as per the curriculum- it helps reinforce what they learn in the classroom situations.


The Co-Curricular activities take place in a relaxing environment to promote the self confidence, self-esteem, creativity & holistic development of our little ones. They are as follows :-


•We follow the CBSE curriculum as per NEP guidelines.
•Audio-Visual Classes, story narration and various activities are a part of concept building.
•We incorporate e-learning in our sessions with PowerPoint presentations, movies, visual materials and audio-visual tools that help their imagination thrive and grow and understand the concepts better.


Classes I & II are exposed to more experiential learning at different levels in the subject zones. All the zones are well equipped with Teaching and Learning Materials according to various subjects.


Every Saturday, the students have a DEAR (Drop Everything and Read) period where every student and teacher reads a book of their choice. The students are exposed to the world of books that help to inculcate a flair for reading.


Computer classes in the Primary wing focus more on the device’s practical application. The students are updated according to the fast-changingTech-world.


An example of group activity and cooperative learning.”
It is an integral part of the curriculum for classes III-V, where one topic is chosen to work on throughout the session. All the subjects and activities are integrated according to the topic.


Extra classes are conducted to help the children according to their learning needs.


•The session is divided into three evaluations, and Assessment is a continuous process.
•No formal examination system is followed till class V.
•The assessment is based on oral as well as written work. The activities conducted in the class are also taken into consideration.
•Monthly review worksheets are taken for assessment.


•For the child’s holistic growth, we believe in involving the students in various co-curricular activities. Yoga, Art & Craft, Games, Swimming, Skating, Karate, Music and Dance periods are held regularly.
•Every Saturday, two periods of Co-curricular activity clubs are held. The students are divided into various activities according to their interests.
•Competitions and Events: The students are exposed to different events & competitions like: Morning Assembly, Bal Sabha, English/Hindi Prose and Recitation, Art & Craft activities, Music & Dance events, Inter-school/Inter-class and House competitions. The students are encouraged to participate in online / offline events.


  • All the major festivals like Janmashtami, Dusshera, Diwali, Gurupurab, Id, Christmas etc., are celebrated to imbibe the feeling of oneness in the students.
  • National Festivals are celebrated,instilling a feeling of patriotism in the students.
  • Important Days like World Earth Day, World Art Day, Environment Day, and Gratitude Day are celebrated through various activities. This help the students to be aware of important days around them.
  • All the significant activities and events are highlighted on our official social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.


Sports play an essential role in shaping every child’s life. Keeping this in mind, APS provides the following facilities to their students.

  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Athletics
  • Lawn tennis
  • Table tennis
  • Skating
  • Karate
  • Swimming
  • Indoor Games.                                                                                                                   The students are given a chance to participate in various Inter-house and Inter-school tournaments. Many students have brought laurels at district and state level tournaments and made the school proud.


Social and Emotional Learning is a skill development process through which we learn how to manage emotions, solve problems and create positive relationships with others. The weekly SEL sessions are held for classes IV and V, which help the students to connect with themselves , embrace and express their emotions and feelings through journaling and art expression.


APS believes that Educational trips and Picnics are a perfect way to expand one’s horizon. It also promotes outdoor interactions, experiences and allows teachers and students to bond with each other.


APS believes in working differently. To build a bond and bridge the gap, the teachers visit the student’s home and interact with the family to get to know their students in a better way.


The Co-Curricular activities take place in a relaxing environment to promote the self confidence, self-esteem, creativity & holistic development of our little ones. They are as follows :-


An ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software helps to manage all day-to-day school activities including administrative tasks, curriculum management, student management, fee record management.
We can have a centralized dashboard view that lists down all the relevant information. Parent and teachers can stay updated using Mobile App, which enhances the communication.
Moblie App: campus care (Keep logged in and give permission for notifications)
Moblie App Link:
Features –
 Circulars
 Worksheets (Monthly/Weekly)
 Exam information
 Fee information
 Holiday list
 Events
 Attendance Record
 Library
 Transport information
 Messages / Mobile notifications
 Syllabus
 Time Table


Houses give chance to each student to show his/her talent through various activities which are conducted time to time.
The school is divided into six houses and three groups.
1. Aravali
2. Hiamalaya
3. Jaintia
4. Nilgiri
5. Shivalik
6. Vindhyachal
Group A – Classes IX- XII
Group B – Classes VI-VIII
Group C – Classes III- V


Life skills are essential abilities that help promote mental well-being & competence in young people as they face the realities of life.
All the students of class IX are involved & taught basic life skills.
Each section of class IX  is divided into two groups so that students get a chance to have a hands on experience.
Following skills are conducted-
1. Public Speaking
2. Basics of Mechanics
3. Gardening
4. Cloth Maintenance
5. Basics of Electrical Management
6. First Aid
7. Self-defence for girls
8. Basic Cooking for boys


Throughout the session APS Staff and students are benefitted with workshops and counselling sessions. School provides behavioural and career counsellors to guide the students professionally. School also has a trend to invite alumni to share their experiences and journey of their achievements.
School has a collaboration with WonderSkool for career counselling for the students of X – XII. The sessions, both group and individual, are conducted from time to time at regular intervals for students as well as parents.


Study camps is a UNIQUE Feature of Alwar Public School which is conducted for classes X and XII!!
Students enjoy the study camp thoroughly. It’s a 10 days’ study festival conducted for the students of classes X and XII. Students are divided into small groups for revision and practice after the completion of the entire syllabus. Each day starts with Ana Pana- meditation session for getting positivity and enthusiasm, Each day is divided into slots and the camp is held for 10 days. Smaller groups are made according to the need of student in a class to promote healthy learning. They solve question sheet in the class, discuss concepts, come up with queries and share learning. All the teachers entitled to join continue their work in a flow without availing a single leave. All the facilities are provided by the school like Tea/Coffee after first session in which students enjoy the company of one another which makes these moments unforgettable. The Nutritious food is served every day which completes with salad and dessert. The lunch hour is no less than a picnic where the students and teachers eat, share and enjoy together. It’s a wholesome experience of being together, studying, learning and sharing a special bond forever.


Middle school is a time  exploration and growth, and participating in club activities is an excellent way for students to expand their horizons and pursue their interests outside of the class rooms. Clubs provide students with a sense of community, help them develop new skills and hobbies, and allow them to connect to their peers who share their passions. Various club activities are organized for students of classes (VI-VIII), giving them the opportunity to learn, involve and display their talent. Students get to choose two clubs; one in each term of a session.

Clubs at a glance:

  1. Cooking
  2. Chess
  3. Gardening
  4. Community Service
  5. Graphic Designing
  6. School Band
  7. Semi Classical Dance
  8. Western Dance
  9. Calligraphy
  10. Maths Project
  11. Science Project
  12. Lawn Tennis
  13. Western Dance
  14. Public Speaking
  15. Life skills
  16. Self Defense
  17. Skating
  18. Drama
  19. Drawing
  20. Creative Craft


“Where time doesn’t exist, and the fun never ends!”
Summer camps are a great way to engage young minds in a fun and an educational environment. The camp organized at school for the students offer a variety of activities that not only provides enrichment but also promotes learning, socialization, and personal growth. Students are trained and guided by expert coaches from outside and experienced  house teachers.
Summer Camp Activities (2022-23)
1. Swimming
2. Athletics
9.Table Tennis
10.Lawn Tennis
11. Art
12. Fireless Cooking
13.Best out of waste
15.Instrumental Music
17. Animation


Social and emotional learning (SEL) is an integral part of education and human development. SEL is the process through which all young people and adults acquire and apply the knowledge, skills and attitudes to develop healthy identities, manage emotions and achieve personal and collective goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain supportive relationships, and make responsible and caring decisions. Specialised SEL modules are designed and conducted for the primary and middle students at our school. The designs are facilitated by SEL teachers who are trained by experts in this field.

The stark benefits of SEL at school:
1. It leads to improved academic outcomes and behaviors.

  1. It helps students manage stress and depression.
  2. Promotes improved attitudes.
  3. These skills help improve lifetime outcomes.


School has always emphasized on a practical approach to difficult concepts of the subject in order to build a fundamental approach for the child. Implementation of the same is being done with a state of  art and the technical support in the school’s Social Science Lab.

The methodology of the implementation works around connecting the thinking patterns of the child to different domains of the subject which encapsulates map reading, model making and demonstrations fully supported with video explanations for visualization of different scenarios in the practical form to support the child’s understanding and reasoning.


Experiential Learning is a teaching approach that provides students with hands-on experiences that enable them to learn by doing. It involves engaging students in activities that allow them to apply what they have learned in the classroom to the real-world situations. At our school, we believe that experiential learning is an essential part of education, as it helps students develop in critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making skills, also building their self-confidence and sense of personal accomplishment. Our experiential learning programs are designed to provide students with a wide range of opportunities to engage in hands-on learning activities that support their academic and personal growth. From Science experiments to project based learning, field trips to industrial visits, Maths projects to surveys, entrepreneurial projects to digital media projects, various outdoor education activities, our students have access to a variety of experiential learning opportunities that help them develop the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in school and beyond.


Art-integrated learning is an inventive and constructivist learning approach through which students illustrate, experiment & demonstrate the concept through various art forms. Art integration into the curriculum implies exploring academic contents (facts, ideas, concepts, processes, and methods) and skill sets to be acquired by a student through the spectacles of various forms of art. Instead of teaching art as a separate subject, teachers use dance, drama, music, visual arts etc. to teach a variety of academic subjects in a more engaging way. A 360-degree holistic learning is possible in classrooms by integrating various academic concepts with arts. Cognitive domains along with socio-emotional, behavioural, psychomotor domain development could be targeted using this.
Integrating arts into the subjects bring not only JOY but also makes the learners ACTIVE which eventually lead to the development of 21st-century skills. Creativity and innovation utilized in the artistic process compel children to think creatively and help these skills come more naturally in real life.


Libraries are an absolute delight for the book lovers and intellectuals. Our library serves as a pilgrimage for the worshippers of knowledge and wisdom. It’s beautifully designed with various reading zones for the students. It holds about 16000 books on a wide variety of subjects. We have a wide range of encyclopedias, short stories, novels, fictions and other reading material useful for children.


School has three well-furnished computer labs, of which, two labs are for the seniors
i.e. classes VI-XII and the third is for classes I-V.
School focuses more on practical learning – On application software as well as
coding simultaneously.
All labs have 40 computers each. It aims at providing each student a computer for
easy and independent learning.
Students enthusiastically involve in doing creative work while planning PPT’s for
the Assembly, Farewell, webinars, Focus editing and compiling. Students are the
best supporters and eager learners.


The students have the opportunity to nourish their classroom learning by doing in laboratories. We believe what the classroom teaches, the laboratory demonstrates & proves. There are three science laboratories viz. Physics laboratory, Chemistry laboratory and Biology laboratory. The laboratories are equipped with apparatus, models, chemicals and organic specimens for scientific research and development. All the laboratories of our school are conducive to the development of a scientific attitude in the students.


Project/Activity based learning helps children to gain knowledge and use their creative dynamism through various activities. The academic facility gives space for horizon of learning through plenty of project work, practical work and individual activities.


The English Language is a work in progress!!
Why fear when Language Lab is here.
Have Fun With It.
The best way to learn something is to experience it first-hand. Our Digital Language Lab software does not just focus on LSRW but also covers the soft skills that needs to be enriched with academics. It allows a student to interact, study and experiment with the language skills in a practical manner.