Code of Conduct

Code Of Conduct

  • Students are representatives of he school and a student of APS is expected to set a high standard of behaviour both inside and outside the school premises.
    1. They are expected to use decent language and treat everyone with respect. Use of offensive language is prohibited.
    2. They are expected to be environment friendly and utilize the resources efficiently and in lawful manner, including Information technology etc.
  • All students must :-
    1. Treat the faculty members, the ‘Narayan Sewak’s’ and other students with respect, dignity, courtesy and sensitivity.
    2. Maintain a cooperative and collaborative approach to interpersonal relationships.
    3. Act honestly and ethically in their dealings with everyone in the school and during all forms of assessment including formal examinations and other tests.
    4. Take utmost care of the aesthetics of the classroom and the school building.
    5. Take ‘Pride of Ownership’ of their school.
Alwar Public School