Enrichment Sessions

Workshop Details of APS Teachers

APS focuses on the continuous growth of it’s staff by sending them for various workshops so that they can enhance their skills and contribute alternatively in the growth of the school. Here are the details:-

Transactional Analysis Session

Session on Transactional analysis was conducted by school counsellors Tanishka and Vishal for teachers to help them better understand their own social interactions and well handle those of others.

Emotional Intelligence Workshop

An ‘Emotional Intelligence’ workshop was conducted by Ms. Tanishka for the teachers on 24th Nov, 2023. Tanishka explained Emotional Intelligence with its components followed by an activity for teachers.

Teacher Engagement Activity for Pre-Primary Teachers

A counselling session for the teachers of Pre-Primary Block was conducted by our school counselors Ms. Tanishka Yadav and Mr. Vishal Goyal on Saturday, 7th October, 2023.It was a relaxing and wonderful session!

Story Telling Workshop for teachers & Students

“Storytelling is the act of telling a story in an entertaining, impressive or dramatic way.”
To foster the skills of listening and reading, a story telling session by noted storyteller and a facilitator Ms Madhumita Gupta was conducted on 23.09.23 at Alwar Public School for students and teachers.
Both teachers and students were engrossed in the story, “Hakeem’s Hiccups ” which was narrated with dramatic voice modulation, intonation and pictorial representation. It was really an interesting session.

Teacher Engagement Activity @ APS

Alwar Public School recently conducted a Teacher’s engagement activity based on positive psychology and enhancing personal and interpersonal development for the teachers. The session was facilitated by School counselors Ms. Tanishka Yadav & Mr. Vishal Goyal. The teacher’s engagement was focused on sharing constructive feedback and creating a holistic self-image by embracing imperfections of oneself.
The session concluded on a high note of “guided grounding exercise”. The first step in our series to create well-being and growth spaces for our valued staff who are making impact on daily basis with their incessant contribution of time and energy !

Capacity Building Program on STRESS MANAGEMENT by CBSE

One day workshop on Stress Management
“Life is simple why to complicate it”
One day capacity building program on STRESS MANAGEMENT was conducted by CBSE By two excellent resource persons Mr. Shailendra Mishra (Vice Principal Sagar School)
Mrs. Deepa (PGT English).
Session was like a roller coaster ride with energetic Relaxing dance moves ,Ice breaking activities, Role play on case studies, motivational videos, PPT.
By understanding stress management we make our life and our student life smooth.
Sumptuous breakfast and lunch was enjoyed by all……

Social Science Presentation @ APS (GoodEarth Foundation Schools)

Coming together is the beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success .
Common Curriculum meeting of the GoodEarth Foundation schools, Social science faculty was held at Alwar Public School to promote effective collaboration. The faculties shared ideas and strategies to achieve common goals to enhance the quality of education while focussing on effectively assessing commonly defined learning outcomes and facilitating the exchange of new ideas for the optimal use of educational resources.

Workshop on understanding Differentiated Learning and Strategies to Implement it in the classroom.

Workshop on understanding Differentiated Learning and Strategies to Implement it in the classroom.

In our pursuit to enhance our core skills, a workshop on DIFFERENTIATED LEARNING AND STRATEGIES TO IMPLEMENT IT IN THE CLASSROOM was organized for the teaching faculties of Eicher School Parwanoo, Alwar Public School, Kidz Republic and Eicher School Faridabad on June 27 , 2023, at Eicher School Faridabad. The resource person for the day was Ms Sudha Mahajan , an educator, educational motivator and an experienced training specialist.
The session focused on how we as teachers can employ various strategies to aid differentiated awareness in our classrooms.
It was indeed a fruitful , enriching and interesting session which we all will be able to apply in our classrooms.

Yoga Session for Teachers @ APS

To rejuvenate teachers after summer break, a refreshing yoga session was held by Mr.Sanjay Agarwal today in the Multi Purpose Hall.
Mr. Agarwal is a yoga instructor working with Bhartiya Yog Sansthan for the last 35 years. Simple asanas were taught and practised by all the teachers. It was quite an enriching experience for us teachers.

Zumba Session For Teachers @ APS

‘Zumba is a full body workout that doesn’t feel like work’.
To rejuvenate the teachers, a zumba session was taken by Mr Yogesh today in the MPH. A fitness class with easy to follow moves while having loads of fun was enjoyed by all.

AI & PYTHON Workshop @ ESP

To find some of the best ways to make Computer learning fulfilled and help the students to build a love of learning, a session for AI & Python was organized in Eicher School Parwano for the IT teachers of GoodEarth Foundation Schools.
An interactive session was taken by the IT faculty of Parwano School regarding the involvement of students in activities by using AI and Python.

Common Curriculum meeting of GoodEarth Foundation schools for Mathematics @ ESF.

“Alone we can do so little ; together we can do so much.”
To find some of the best ways to make maths fun and help the students to build a love of learning, Common Curriculum meeting of Goodearth Foundation schools was held at Eicher School Faridabad for Mathematics.
An interactive session was taken by the faculty of Faridabad School regarding the involvement of students in activities by using concrete materials and explore the concept of mathematics in a play way method.

'Mindfulness in the Classrooms' Workshop @ ESF

Mindfulness is the ability of being fully present and conscious or aware of where we are or what are we doing without being judgmental. To learn more about it, teachers from APS went to Eicher school Faridabad to attend a workshop on ‘mindfulness in the classroom’.

Innovative Teaching Methodologies Workshop @ APS

‘Happiness is not something readymade.. It comes from our own actions’.
With an intention and spirit of spreading happiness and making our teachers understand the importance of happy classrooms, Ms Neerja Chathly took a workshop on ‘Happiness Curriculum and Innovative Teaching Methodologies’. It helped the teachers to understand how to design the lesson plan that leads to happy and expressive children along with their holistic development.

Story Telling Workshop For Teachers @ APS

Alwar Public School organized a workshop on ‘Mastering the art of story telling’ for the teachers today. The resource person, Dr Jaishree Sethi, Director, Story Ghar explained how to integrate story telling in classrooms. The interactive training program gave teachers an insight into the role and application of story telling while teaching. It included demonstration, discussion and interesting activities giving teachers hands-on experience. The session was very fruitful and will help teachers to enhance their creative skills.