School Assets

APS is a vibrant, creative & dynamic with a student-friendly infrastructure.

Front Office

Front Office

Conference Room

Conference Room


Pre-Primary Activity Hall

The Pre-Primary block has a separate activity hall to conduct assembly, important activities and celebrations. It also helps students to enhance and stimulate their public speaking and presentation skills

Primary Activity Hall

A separate air-cooled Activity Hall provides the space for many co-curricular activities, morning assemblies, instrumental and vocal music classes. It can accommodate around 300 students at a time for any programme.

Multi Purpose Hall

The Multi Purpose Hall of the school gives a platform to the students to enrich their 21st Century skills. It is used to conduct assemblies, co-curricular activities, celebrations, public speaking, presentation skills, Indoor games and workshops etc. Indoor games like Badminton and Table Tennis are also played here.

The MPH has a capacity of about 700 children at a time.

Library - Reader's Hub

Pre-Primary Library- MASTI KI PATHSHALA

Exclusively designed , painted walls and furniture is the creation of Pre-Primary teachers. This library gives a pleasant visit to tiny tots of the school.

Junior Library

The Primary block has a well-equipped library exclusively for Primary students. The books are carefully chosen to create interest in children and build their reading habits. The Library has been colourfully decorated to create an ambience for reading.
There are reading corners across the corridors for the students to pick a book and read anytime.


Spacious hall with proper ventilation and light, where more than 50 students can have a funfilled reading time. The library has over 12000 books. Novels, Fictions, Biographies, Short Stories, Reference books, Magazines and Sports etc. are stacked in the library.

Infirmary / Clinic

School Clinic

The School has a small clinic under the charge of a full time qualified nurse. The clinic caters to the treatment of minor ailments and injuries. All the students are required to undergo a medical check-up by the school Doctor once a year.

Canteen (Cuisine Hut)


The school canteen functions on all working days. Health and Hygiene of the students is one of the prime concerns of the school. Our canteen provides fresh and sumptuous food. Separate committee looks after the cleanliness and proper maintenance of the canteen.


Splash Pool

Alwar Public School provides its tiny tots with the most loving activity of splashing zone. Children love to splash in the pool and their joy and fun can be seen boundless in the water.

Learners' Pool

Aquatic sports have always been the attraction for the youngsters and to accomplish their dreams, the school provides the learner’s pool. This helps them to learn basic swimming skills and prepares them for further competitive skills.

Main Swimming Pool

Swimming is an individual or team sport and activity. In this pool students learn the popular styles like butterfly, backstroke, free style and so on. The school has trained faculty members to nurture students in swimming activities.


Art Lab

Art Lab:- In this lab we strive to explore the aesthetics and observation skills of our students. With their imagination and creativity students excel in various artistic activities like :-
• Poster Making
• Illustrations
• Model Drawing
• Layout Preparation

Skill Room

A big room is set up for various Maths, EVS skill activities, and even Art & Craft classes are conducted in this colourful, vibrant room.

Music and Dance Rooms – The Artistic Zone

Music Room - Senior

Music Room - Primary

Dance Room - Senior

Dance Room - Primary

A separate dance hall with a mirrored wall is the apt place to learn semi-classical, folk and contemporary dance styles. Students enjoy learning various forms of dance styles.


Physics Lab

On it’s way to enhance scientific temperament. APS has an updated lab with a range of equipments to work on different projects.

Chemistry Lab

Creating future scientists.

Biology Lab

Encouraging students to explore the various aspects of biology through observation, practicals etc.

Srijna Lab

Computer Lab

School has 3 separate labs, one each for-
A. Senior Segment
B. Middle Segment
C. Primary Segment
In our computer labs we train and empower students in application and use of technology.

Maths Lab

A place where students can learn various concepts in an easy way.

Geography Lab

A big, spacious, properly ventilated lab where students learn the intricacies of the subject in a congenial atmosphere. The lab has the latest Maps, Telescopes, Models, Charts and other instruments that help students to understand the subject.

Sports Area

Swimming Pool

In the District,  Alwar Public School is the first school to have the Swimming Pool since 1990.
APS is having the Swimming Pool for last 33 years.
We have 6 lane Swimming Pool of 25m x 12.5 m in length and width with 5 ft as its depth. The filtration plant is the best of its time. We have proper changing room for Girls & Boys with Dry and wet area of 40 feet & 15 feet” in size

Pre-Primary Play Area

Basketball Court

Football Ground


Table Tennis


Lawn Tennis Court

Skating Rink

Self Defence Room

Gym Area




The school provides separate buses for the students and teachers. All the buses are equipped with a First aid box and live cameras, which are monitored from the school. Keeping in mind the safety of our children, a teacher is always present in the bus till the last stop.