Fine Art Lab

PARADISE FOR BUDDING ARTISTS. In this lab we strive to explore the aesthetics and observation skills of our students. With their imagination and creativity students excel in various artistic activities like :-

  • Poster Making
  • Illustrations
  • Model Drawing
  • Oil Painting
  • Watercolor Painting
  • Layout Preparation

Physics Lab

On it’s way to enhance scientific temperament. An updated lab with a range of equipment’s to work on different projects.

Geographics Lab

A big, spacious, properly ventilated lab where students learn the intricacies of the subject in a congenial atmosphere. The lab has the latest Maps, Telescope, Models, Charts and other instruments that help students to understand the subject.

Maths Lab

A place where students can learn various concepts in an easy way.

Chemistry Lab

Creating future scientists.

Home Science Lab

Where creativity knows no bounds. School has a well-equipped home science lab where students learn many skills and showcase their talents in different areas like cooking, textile designing and interior decoration etc.

Biology Lab

Encouraging students to explore the various aspects of biology through observation, practical’s etc.

Computer Lab

In our computer labs we train and empower students in application and use of technology. School has 3 separate labs one each for-

  • Senior Segment
  • Middle Segment
  • Primary Segment