School Events

Visit to District Court

“To explore is to evolve, to explore is to live and to explore is to learn!” and to explore the legal systems, environment, and proceedings of courts, Students of ‘Legal Studies’ of classes XI and XII went to visit District Court on the 15th of May, 2023. They heard the matter hearing in court by District Judges, POCSO Court, family court, and rent tribunal. They also had an interaction with the head of the Legal Services Authority Department Alwar and gave an interview to ATL news channel about their visit. It was overall an enriching and learning experience for them.

Sustainable Shimmer @ APS

Fashion appeals our senses,
Fashion touches our souls.
Fashion builds our confidence,
Fashion makes us cool.

Alwar Public School organised an Inter House Fashion Show SUSTAINABLE SHIMMER on 16th May, 2023 to create awareness about sustainable development goals.

Students from classes IX – XII presented their creative fashion acumen with biodegradable waste on the four themes-

A. Life Under Water (goal 14)
B. Gender Equality (goal 5)
C. Reduced Inequalities (goal 10)
D. Peace and Justice and Strong institutions (goal 16)

The event was judged by Ms. Amandeep Kaur, Ms. Ankita Khandelwal and Mr. Mayank Khanna.

Innovative Teaching Methodologies Workshop @ APS

‘Happiness is not something readymade.. It comes from our own actions’.
With an intention and spirit of spreading happiness and making our teachers understand the importance of happy classrooms, Ms Neerja Chathly took a workshop on ‘Happiness Curriculum and Innovative Teaching Methodologies’. It helped the teachers to understand how to design the lesson plan that leads to happy and expressive children along with their holistic development.

Story Telling Workshop for Teachers @ APS

Alwar Public School organized a workshop on ‘Mastering the art of story telling’ for the teachers today. The resource person, Dr Jaishree Sethi, Director, Story Ghar explained how to integrate story telling in classrooms. The interactive training program gave teachers an insight into the role and application of story telling while teaching. It included demonstration, discussion and interesting activities giving teachers hands-on experience. The session was very fruitful and will help teachers to enhance their creative skills.

Mother's Day Celebration @ Primary block

Mother’s Day Celebration
A mother is the first teacher and the first friend of her children. She loves her children unconditionally and guides them on the right path in life……🌻🌻 Class IV B celebrated mother’s day to thank all mothers. . expressing love and gratitude for them…🌻🌻

Summer Party @ Pre-Primary

‘Thrill and Chill’
Summer brings with it ever smiling sun, cool drinks and blossoming fun!
Students of the Pre-Primary wing were all set for the ‘Summer Party’ in their cool dresses with a lot of enthusiasm today. They enjoyed swings and slides in the front lawn and had summer fun in their favorite splash pool to beat the heat. Engaging activities and learning opportunities bring cheer and excitement in the tiny tots.While the mercury is soaring outside, little ones could be seen cooling it off by having lemonade.They learnt to make lemonade and enjoyed having it with their mates.

Mother's Day Celebration @ Pre-Primary

Mother’s Day Celebration
I love my mummy, I love my mummy, Yes I do!
Mothers have magical touch to make all things beautiful!!
It gives us immense joy to see how our little ones are showering their love and affection for their mothers.
To celebrate the bond of love and affection that is everlasting, the students made lovely crowns, cards and trophies for their loving mothers and gifted them. It was a pleasure watching the super excited moms wearing the crowns and receiving the gifts with pride.

Class VIII - Farm Trip to Kesarpur Village

‘Learning is the process whereby knowledge is created through the transformation of experience.’
Students of class VIII were taken on a farm trip to Kesarpur village near our school to learn about crop production and management as part of their science curriculum. The objective of the trip was to understand the various aspects of farming, from the tools used to the process of crop cultivation.
Students observed the different stages of onion farming, right from the selection of the land to the harvesting process. They also saw various agricultural tools, such as ploughs and cultivators, and learned about their functions. Additionally, they were shown the storage facilities used to preserve the crops.
The farmers who were present there explained the importance of fertilizers and manure in crop production. They stressed the importance of using organic manure and avoiding chemical fertilizers. Students were also briefed about the latest techniques used in crop cultivation to increase productivity.
The field trip was an enriching experience for the students, providing them with practical knowledge that would supplement their theoretical learning. It was an excellent opportunity for them to witness the hard work and dedication of farmers, who contribute significantly to the nation’s food security.

International Dance Day (NUR-UKG)

Dancing is known to improve mental, physical and emotional health. It is also good for increasing self confidence as well as helps in suppressing emotions.
International Dance Day is a global celebration of dance and the event takes place every year on 29th April.
Pre primary tiny tots performed different dance forms of India to celebrate ‘The International Dance Day’ in a unique way.

Investiture Ceremony 2023

” A leader is the one who knows the way, goes the way, and most importantly, shows the way”.

The motto of Aps is to create leaders of tomorrow and Investiture Ceremony is an important event that turns it into reality.
The investiture Ceremony is not just providing titles and badges, but about conferring responsibilities to students, to take charge of the school and take it to the height they desire with their leadership, teamwork and communication skills.
The Ceremony for session 2023- 24 was held on 3rd May, 2023 at the multipurpose hall, forming its much awaited Student Council. The event was presided over by the Chief Guest Ms. Pragya Palwat, Chairman Mr.Arjun Joshi and principal Mr. Pradeep Naruka. The event was successfully concluded with the school song.
Congratulations to all the students and best wishes for future and upcoming responsibilities.

Red Day Celebration @ APS (NUR-UKG)

Red Colour Day.
Identification of colours is very important in a child’s cognitive development process. With this thought, ‘Red Colour Day’ was organized to introduce the primary colour – Red with some interactive activities. The students along with the teachers looked bright and cheerful in red attires. The Activity Hall was decorated with all red things. The students participated in ‘Show and Tell’. The day was a perfect blend of fun and learning.

International Dance Day Celebration (I - V)

जीवन के कण-कण में है नृत्य
खुशियों का स्रोत है नृत्य
नृत्य है क्रोध की भाषा
नृत्य है प्रेम की अभिलाषा
ऊर्जा से भरा योग है नृत्य
विनाश का तांडव है नृत्य
नृत्य है आत्मा की आवाज
नृत्य है परमात्मा का साज

Dance is the hidden language of the soul.
The students of Primary block enjoying the various dance styles performed by Class V D on the occasion of International Dance Day. It was a great experience which was both entertaining and educational.

Theatre @ Alwar Public School

Theatre Workshop at Alwar Public School

School is organising a theatre workshop for the senior students to help them learn the skills of theatre and be able to Express themselves.
Art lovers are at work having a great exposure to the world of Drama in the two hours workshop which began from 24th April, 23.
Each day uncovers a new horizon and leaves them with a new and refreshing experience.
A lot to learn in the coming days ….

'A' Group Inter House English Debate Competition

“The clash of ideas is the sound of freedom.” – Lady Bird Johnson

The annual Inter – House English Debate competition for the session of 2023 – 24 was held on 26th April for the ‘A’ group students.
The students of 9th – 12th grades participated and debated enthusiastically on the topic – ‘The clash of ideas is the sound of freedom.’ This year, our students also competed for the newly introduced portfolio of interjection, which proposed a new and exciting challenge for our debaters.
We were honored to have the following as our judges for the occasion:-
Mrs. Madhumita Gupta , a woman of great intellect and experience,
Mrs. Archana Vashisht, the famed author of the award winning book ‘Quarantine Rejuvenate Me’ and
Mrs. Swati Jain, a vivacious writer and reader.

Our glorious winners for this year’s competition –

For the motion:
1st – Hardik Mudgal (Himalaya)
2nd – Anushka Agarwal ( Nilgiri )

Against the motion –
1st – Bhavika Lamba (Jaintia) 2nd – Tanisha Sharma (Himalaya)

Best Interjector – Swara Mishra (Aravali)

House positions:
1st – Himalaya
2nd – Vindhyachal
3rd – Nilgiri
4th – Jaintia
5th – Aravali
6th – Shivalik

Congratulations to all our winners and the housemasters!!!

'B' Group Inter House Hindi Debate Competition

*Inter House Hindi Debate Competition Class(VI-VIII)

अलवर पब्लिक स्कूल के प्रांगण में हुई वाद- विवाद प्रतियोगिता, जिसका विषय-बिंदु बड़ा ही विचारणीय व सराहनीय ‘ शहर की स्वच्छता प्रशासन की जिम्मेदारी है ‘ था यहाँ मध्यम वर्ग के छात्र-छात्राओं द्वारा प्रशंसनीय प्रस्तुति दी गई l
यह प्रस्तुति सराहनीय होने के साथ-साथ हम सभी को महत्तवपूर्ण सन्देश देने वाली भी थी, जिसने वाकई हम सबको एक दिशा प्रदान की है l यह प्रस्तुति आज की पीढ़ी को सही मार्ग दिखाने हेतु प्रेरणार्थक रही l निर्णायकगण अत्यंत अनुभवी ज्ञान के सागर श्रीमान दीपक भार्गव जी व श्रीमान क्षितिज माथुर द्वारा सराहनीय व उत्साहवर्धक शब्द कहे गए साथ ही विद्यालय के प्रधानाचार्य
द्वारा विद्यार्थियों को पुनर्बलन प्रदान किया गया l
इस प्रतियोगिता में पक्ष की ओर से प्रथम स्थान प्राप्त कर्ता हितान्शी दीक्षित (नीलगिरी ) , द्वितीय स्थान पर हेमान्या शर्मा (विंध्याचल) व तृतीय स्थान पर महिका अरोड़ा (जैन्तिया )रहे l तथा विपक्ष की ओर से प्रथम स्थान पर भूमिन चक्रवर्ती (विंध्याचल) , द्वितीय एकता गोयल (अरावली) व तृतीय स्थान पर ऐना शर्मा (हिमालय) रहे l

Activity - Funny faces with dough (NUR - UKG)

Activity – Funny Faces With Dough
The students of Classes Nursery, LKG and UKG made funny faces using dough on 18th April, 2023. Besides having unlimited fun, such activities help children develop their fine motor skills, encourages creativity, enhances eye hand coordination and promotes play time. While kneading, rolling, punching and flattening the play dough, they are actually building up strength in their tiny hands.

Eid Celebration (NUR - UKG)

Eid Celebration
To keep up the festive spirit, signify the culture of brotherhood and helping our young minds culturally connected, Eid was celebrated on 21st April, 2023. Students came attired accordingly. Sevaiyan were shown to them and they were also encouraged to have sweet delicacies. It was a delight to watch them wishing ‘Eid Mubarak’ to each other.

World Earth day (NUR - UKG)

Earth Day
With the responsibility of imbibing love and respect for nature in the little hearts, the students of classes NUR-UKG made bird feeders along with their teachers. They experienced the joy of giving and sharing when they had put food in the bird feeders.
They also learnt about how their little habits such as switching off the lights, closing the tap and using both side of the paper can have a positive impact on the environment.

World Earth Day (Classes - I - V)

“This Earth Day, let’s take action for a sustainable future!”
Go Green🌳☘️🌴
Make our Earth 🌍 a beautiful place to live.
Earth Day serves as a conscious reminder of how fragile our planet is and how important it is to protect it.
Earth Day celebration held on Monday, April 24, 2023 in the school premises by the children of Classes I to V where they performed different activities.

World Art day (NUR - UKG)

*World Art Day
Every child is creative in his own way. Art activities help children explore their creative side.
Little artists of Pre-Primary block were encouraged to do different colouring activities to celebrate ‘World Art Day’ and they did it with great interest.

World Art Day (Classes - I - V)

“I dream my painting and paint 🎨 my dream”
*World Art Day* was celebrated by the learners of Alwar Public School (Primary Wing). The event inspired them to be innovative and explore their artistic talents. They indulged in activities like drawing and coloring which inculcated creativity and curiosity. This joyful experience😊 honed the skills of budding artists 🖌️and encouraged them to create magical masterpieces.

Spic Macay 2023

” केसरिया बालम आओ नी पधारो म्हारे देस”
Alwar Public School organised a SPIC MACAY program;Rajasthani Folk Music Presented by Ut.Bundu Khan Langa & Group.
The students enjoyed the performance of the artists and appreciated it through their applause.

Parent Orientation Programme (I - V)

“A Parent is a teacher 🧑‍🏫 at home and a teacher is a parent in the school and the child 🧒 is the center of our universe.”
A Parent Orientation Programme was conducted on 18th April 2023
The objective of the program was to familiarise the parents with the curriculum, scholastic, and co-scholastic activities planned to support the holistic development of the child. It was certainly an insightful session for the parents.

Parent Orientation Programme 2023 (NUR - UKG)

Parent Orientation Programme
POP for the parents of Classes Nursery, LKG and UKG was organized on Saturday, April 15, 2023. It was conducted class wise. The parents were briefed about the teaching methodologies using different learning teaching aids/ techniques. It was a very interactive session. At the end, the queries of the parents were answered by Renu Goyal ma’am.

Baisakhi Celebration 2023 - NUR - UKG

Keeping up with the festive spirit and helping our little ones get culturally connected, the Pre-Primary block of Alwar Public School celebrated the harvest season of Baisakhi with great zeal and enthusiasm on Thursday, the 13th of April 2023. Our little ones were beautifully dressed up for the occasion and carried sweets in their tiffins. The significance of celebrating Baisakhi was explained to the students.
The session came alive with the students dancing to the mesmerizing dhol beats of Punjabi songs.

A trip to Rangmanch Farms - Classes X & XII

Adventure and fun brings the much needed spark in life.

Students of classes X and XII went on a day’s trip to Rangmanch farms and it was a fantabulous & sucessful one organised by School on 29th March,23 .
Rangmanch farm which is one of the best farmhouses in Gurgaon for weekend getaways and oneday outing with lots of adventurous activities like Sky cycling, Zip lining, Horse riding, Camel cart , Puppet show , Magic show , commando net , Zorbing, Air hockey, Table tennis, Bull ride , swim tubes, cross them outs , Trampoline, swings , Rain dance , Swimming etc.
The students enjoyed these activities with their friends and kept themselves hydrated with the unlimited supply of energy drinks.
Proper meals with a lot of options were served for the students including breakfast, lunch, snacks and other eatables.
It was a good fun filled day with lots of cherishable memories.

Welcome Day - Session 2023-24 (Pre-Primary)

Welcome Day – Session 2023-24
A cheerful welcome helps kindergarten children for a positive start to their new journey to school. To make it an exciting and happy experience, children were welcomed by applying tilak and showering flower petals as they entered the school campus and were accompanied by their teachers with utmost love and care. The entrance was specially decorated and they were carried away by the melodious music. They were overwhelmed when they were gifted smilee handouts and chocolates.
It was a lovely sight to see the smiling faces.

Republic Day @ APS

‘Jan Bhagidari’ (participation of the people), the theme of this Republic Day says it all!!
Alwar Public School celebrated 74th Republic Day in the presence of Col. Mahendra Singh & Col. Ram Niwas as chief guests. The program started with unfurling of National Flag followed by the chief guest’s speech which motivated the children. The students of Classes 1 to 5 showed their karate skills as well as presented an astounding dance performance. Students gave a musical performance and there was also a speech presentation by class 9 pupils.
137 students of class 7 presented a mass drill and the view was just mesmerizing.
Principal Mr. Pradeep Naruka addressed the gathering and created an aura of patriotism amongst everybody. At last the slogan of Jai Hind! Jai Bharat! captivated every one.
May the nation strive for a better tomorrow!!

Book Fair Visit - Delhi

Books are our true friends. A good book is equal to a hundred friends. Keeping in view this statement, the avid readers of APS visited International Book Fair at Delhi. It was a memorable day in the diary of book worms. Students of class V to XI went there to see the grand book fair. Everyone was fascinated by the vivid variety of books.
Every student contributed to select books for the school library as well as their personal collection.
It was a super enriching experience for all.

Basant Fest

BASANT FEST @Pre Primary Block🎉🎉
A day full of fun and frolic for all the radiant mothers and their friends was thoroughly enjoyed along with their wards. Mothers participated in all different games organized and were thrilled to revive their childhood memories even getting themselves clicked on creative hand made selfie corners.
Popular samosas of APS were relished by all in ‘Chatpata Corner’.

Story Telling Session for Classes NUR-UKG

Ms Parishma Malhotra, mother of Tavisha Malhotra studying in Class LKG was invited for a ‘Story Telling Session’ in the Pre Primary Block today. She narrated a story of ‘A 🐺 Wolf and a 🐐 Goat’.
The students clapped at her actions and sung songs with her while she was narrating the story.
At the end, students were very inquisitive to answer to the related questions asked.
It was an interesting and interactive session.


‘We do, we solve, we learn.’
Study Camp is an intensive study program where students receive individual attention from their subject teachers, have group studies and an opportunity to learn and study the topics that they have encountered difficulties.
Students of Class X had their group studies in the study camp where teachers could help them with revision and practice to avoid last minute panic.
The tiffin break, coffee and snack break between the 4 study slots were refreshing and students relished and enjoyed these moments to release their tension or pressure of studies.
Students had doubt sessions and had all their queries resolved.
At the end of the day, they evaluated their performance by going through the number of questions they solved and planned for the next day.

Graduation Ceremony - NUR - UKG (2022-23)

It was time for Class UKG students to bid goodbye to their very own Pre-Primary Block and fasten their seat belts for a longer and a higher move. A ‘Graduation Ceremony’ was organized starting on a pious note incorporating prayers, songs, dance, nukkad natak, skating, basketball, karate, chair tricks and finally giving them titles to give them a feel of seniority and independence.
Parents were extremely overjoyed to see confidence instilled in the students as the entire anchoring was also done by the students of Class UKG.

Graduation Ceremony - Class V - session - 2023-24

“Graduation is the celebration of achievements and the beginning of a new chapter “.
The Primary Wing of Alwar Public School, Alwar celebrated the Graduation 🏆 for the students of class V for the academic session 2022-23 on 24 March in the school with high spirits.
Students of class V were awarded 🎓 with different titles according to their interest and abilities like
We wish them ALL THE BEST 👍🏻👑

Inter Class MUN Competition For Classes X & XII

Rare are occasions where each student gets an equal opportunity to speak, represent, experience and learn.

It was an amazing sight to watch the budding diplomats of APS, attired in formals, participating in 4 different committees, debating on national, international issues and finally drafting the solutions.

Students of Classes X and XII participated in Inter Class MUN on 22nd March, 2023, where 28 students bagged prizes in different categories.

The chairpersons appreciated the efforts of students and guided them with their tips and techniques to get better at it.

The winners for each committee are –



Best Delegate – Israel – Purvi Chakvarti XII
High Commendation 1 – Estonia – Aarshita Kapoor XII
High Commendation 2 – Finland – JAI SHRIYA KAUSHIK
Special Mention 1 – Canada – SARGAM GUPTA
Special Mention 2 – Denmark – SEJAL BHARGAVA
Verbal Mention 1 – United Kingdom – SANCHI GOYAL
Verbal Mention 2 – Afghanistan – BHAVYA GUPTA



Best Delegate – Tejaswi Yadav – VANSHIKA SHARMA XI
High Commendation – 1 – Ashok Gahlot – MITUL ARORA
High Commendation – 2 – Dileep Ghosh – SUNIL MEENA
Special Mention – 1 – S. Jayshankar – Samiksh Pathak
Special Mention – 2 – Rahul Gandhi – SHREYA
Verbal Mention – 1 – Ravi Shankar Prasad – LAVANYA AGNIHOTRI
Verbal Mention – 2 – Naveen Patnaik – MUKUL YADAV



Best Delegate – Germany – MANASVI KAPOOR
High Commendation – 1 Switzerland – KRISHNA GUPTA
High Commendation – 2 USA – GURLEEN KAUR
Special mention – 1 Russia – PRAGYAN SHEKHAR
Special mention – 2 France – TANISHKA YADAV
Verbal Mention – 1 New Zealand – SAMIKSHA SISODIA
Verbal Mention – 2 Bangladesh – SWADHA SINGH


Best Delegate – Flipkart – AAFIYA AHMED
High Commendation – 1 Mama Earth- TANYA SHARMA
High commendation – 2 Twitter – JASLYN BAL
Special Mention – 1 Apple- PULKIT MATHUR
Verbal Mention – 1 Samsung – TANUJ BHARGAVA
Verbal Mention – 2 Cars 24- PAKHI JAIN