Sports Gallery

Sports Facility in Alwar Public School

School sport is an opportunity for children to enjoy and benefit from participation in school sports to enable them to develop their mental and physical health.
We encourage our children to participate in different outdoor and indoor activities like-

Adventure Camps, Swimming, Skating, Gymnastics, Karate, Football, Basketball, Cycling, Yoga & meditation, Skipping, Dribbling, Hurdle races, Ball games, Disks and Rings, Carrom, Snakes & Ladders, Ludo & Chess and so on

These provide a safe, healthy, friendly and sporting environment which encourage personal fitness, game skills, large and fine muscle development, fun and confidence in children.

APS Boys 'B' Group Inter House Lawn Tennis Tournament held on 26/04/2023 to 29/04/2023. Jantia House defeated Shivalik House by 2-1 and secured first position.

'A' Group Boys & Girls - Inter House Chess Tournament

APS Boys 'B' Group Inter House Basketball Tournament held on 6th May, 2023 between Jaintia House & Aravali House. Aravali House won the match. APS Girls 'B' Group Inter House Basketball Tournament held from 26/04/2023 to 29/04/2023 between Jaintia House & Shivalik House. Shivalik House won the match.

We have standardised 6 lane(400m) athletic track , all throwing area, long and high jump , huddle facility, with all the equipment available and qualified coach for giving the professional training with this we are able to produce National Medalist Players and State Level Medalist players who are doing excellence in their career.