Teaching Methodology

Teaching Methodology / Effective Innovative Teaching

The innovative curriculum of Alwar Public School is to bring about the objective by reinforcing concepts, ideas, skills and activities at this stage not only from the teacher’s point of view but also for the parents to comprehend what is being done in the classroom.
The main thrust of our curriculum is based on innovative and creative activities in and outside the classroom. Children love the curriculum which is different and packed with exciting things to do, experience and learn. We have a well planned program which consists of the following integrated project based activities.

The biggest challenge any teacher faces is capturing the students’ attention and putting across ideas in such a way that it stays with them long after they have left the classroom. For this to happen, effective innovative ideas are implemented for better classroom experiences. Teachers reinvent their teaching methods & make their classes interesting. We take five projects per year that is the base of our curriculum. We keep on introducing new projects taking along the previous ones. Listed below are some of the strategies we follow.

We aim to blend consistency and variety in teaching methods by combining established learning theories with innovative practices and programmed. We incorporate student centered approach in our teaching methodologies following a balanced curriculum and providing positive environment where effective learning occurs.
Our teaching and learning methodologies are based on –

– Experiential Learning – Blended Learning – Activity Based Learning

While focusing on effective usage of information and communication tools that develop their constructive creative skills and stimulate the development of their imagination.

Creative Teaching

Taking the help of creative tools to stimulate creativity, we include playful games or visual exercises that excite the young minds and capture their interest. Also this encourages them to come up with their ideas and gives them the freedom to explore.


We incorporate e-learning in our sessions with PowerPoint presentations, movies, pictorial materials and audio-visual tools that help their imagination thrive and grow and also to understand the concepts better.


These sessions are a great way to get the creative juices flowing with multiple brains focussing on one single idea to get numerous ideas involving everyone into discussions

Real World Learning

We link our lessons to real world learning infusing real world experiences. Relating and demonstrating to real life situations make material easy to understand and learn. It sparks their interest and makes the sessions all the more interesting.

Classes Outside the Classroom

Some lessons are best learnt, when they are taught outside the classroom in the lap of nature. Children find it fresh and exciting and the learning remains forever with them.

Role Play

Teaching through role play, story dramatization, dance, music and rhymes is a great way to make children step out of their comfort zone & develop their interpersonal skills.

Subject Integration

Our curriculum is structured to nourish the whole being – the mind, heart & body. So all the activities are creatively balanced with the subjects to bring about the best learning.

Assessment Of Learning

It involves working with range of available evidences throughout the process of activities that enable the teacher to check the child’s performance and keep the track of one’s progress, identify the learning gaps, their strengths & weaknesses, anecdotes and help them overcome using various remedial strategies. Assessment report is sent thrice a year.

Remedial Classes

APS conducts remedial classes regularly for the students who need additional support in academics.